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Question Core Competency Date
I am interested in using the Core Functions In Leadership for a training I am working on for community health workers. Who do I contact to learn about the permissions and the appropriate credits for using the materials if approved.
Thank you very much for your input
Increasing Participation and Membership Fri, 01/30/2015
Dear Advisor Team,
I'm writing from a small rural town in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Five years ago a small group of local ladies got together with the vision to showcase our town (increase tourism) and to increase social cohesiveness (racially segregated and diverse). We started the Encounter East Griqualand Country and Garden Festival which is in our 5th year this year (see website: It has proved a wonderful success - starting with around 400 visitors over the 3-day event and ballooning to over 1000 visitors last year. The Festival has more than 60 "events" which include gardens, music, agricultural events, a parade, a street market, children's activities, food at every venue, wild flower and birding walks and talks, guest speakers, book launches etc. Next week we will be meeting to start talking about Encounter 2015. As the "facilitator" to our planning sessions, this year I have the challenge of a group that are tired. I like your section on institutionalising the initiative - I think the Festival should start looking more like a business than a committee - and I will use the 8 questions to structure the discussion. But, what other tools, tips, or strategies can I use to invigorate the group? I'll obviously start with brain-storming and discussing our successes - but, I feel, in our hearts, we know that. What else can fire up the group again? We will also have some POTENTIAL new committee members at the meeting (I've asked that they also be invited), so that they are clear about the current committees "malaise", but are made to feel part of the reason for its continuation....Any ideas? I would be most grateful. (P.S. The entire committee volunteers their time - we had a part-time marketing person, who is leaving us this year), Kind regards
  • Developing Strategic and Action Plans
  • Evaluating the Initiative
Thu, 01/29/2015
I want to start new organisation or youth society... in village so please advise me or suggest me..Please
  • Developing a Framework or Model of Change
  • Developing Strategic and Action Plans
Thu, 01/29/2015
I am interested in starting a program to end the Freshman 15. Do you have any intervention ideas? Is there an outline or program that we could use as a guide? Thank you for your time.
Advocating for Change Wed, 01/28/2015
how can I receive the online Free class. Analyzing Problems and Goals Sat, 01/24/2015
Hi I would like to know if I can seek permission to use the toolkit for conducting training and development on community development workers such as social workers in my country. Can I automatically print it out and conduct my trainings then acknowledge your organisation/institution?
Developing Strategic and Action Plans Wed, 01/21/2015
My name is Dr Gloria Gay and I have a community radio broadcast that airs every Thursday morning from 9:30 am to 10:30 (est). I invite clinicians, professionals, and grass roots persons to the broadcast to help me, my co-host, and the in-house Psychiatrist discuss topics that impact our communities and are not usually addressed in social circles. We discuss the topic for thirty minutes and then open the phone lines for callers who may have a question or comment while in the meantime we continue discussing the topic. February 5, 2015 we will be discussing Prejudice and I would like to invite you to be a guest on the show. If you accept the invitation I will send you the questions that we will use and answer ant pertinent questions. Please let me know asap so we can move forward. Thank you for your time.

Advocating for Change Tue, 01/20/2015
how to develop a mission and vision statement in strategic plan for organization?
how to develop objective for organization?
Developing Strategic and Action Plans Mon, 01/19/2015
Before going further permit me to introduce ourselves:
The Sanniquellie Youth Association is the conglomeration of various Youth groups within Nimba County. It is an umbrella organization that in-house all small youth group and grooming them to have one voice so as to take up the challenges of our social development. This Association stands for Peace, Advocacy, Construction of Youth Center, Constructive Dialogue and Development in our district and County and Country at large.
we have our youth group call the Sanniquellie Youth Association in Liberia, how can we partner with you to help train our many youth groups? How can be of support to you?
  • Creating and Maintaining Coalitions and Partnerships
  • Developing a Framework or Model of Change
  • Advocating for Change
Mon, 01/12/2015
Dear Management of Tool box,
I'm in love for what you are doing, how can my community be part of this program

Thank you
Hands of Hope Africa
Advocating for Change Mon, 01/12/2015
How can a community support the Police? My community has a negative view of the Police that protect and serve it. There is ugly history behind this view,however these folks put their lives on the line everyday to protect the community. I want to create a rally thing for them.
Fri, 01/09/2015
I have begun researching community collaboration. Yet I believe communities participate informally in community collaboration whether it is shared planning in community events e.g., health fairs, wellness conferences to name a few, or informal meetings or formalized meetings, yet these community collaboration processes or categories/types of community collaborations are not identified. Can you point me to awesome resources?
  • Creating and Maintaining Coalitions and Partnerships
  • Assessing Community Needs and Resources
  • Building Leadership
Thu, 01/08/2015
I am traveling to Tanzania with my college to go into the schools (primary and secondary) to teach about water education. I am stuck on what kind of lesson plans I should implement while I am there. I was thinking about a handwashing activity or personal hygiene of some kind. My purpose of my project is to begin the elimination of the cultural bias towards boiling water as a means of sanitation. This project will develop effective and age-appropriate lesson plans that will be taught in the classroom. There will also be a presentation given during the women's conference that will include strategies for improving children's learning at home.

I am open to any suggestions! Thanks :)
Developing Strategic and Action Plans Thu, 01/08/2015
This is a test question. Wed, 12/31/2014
Word of mouth is the best way to get out information in our community. What is the best way to build word of mouth networks? I am looking for concrete steps to take. It would be great if you could recommend some resources on how to do this as well.

I work with a community coalition that has a variety of initiatves. I would like to spread the word on what we are doing and also get information into the community about available initiatives and resources.

Thank you.
Tue, 12/30/2014
Internet access price ,I will like to organize a petition or better boycotting the higher cost ,that we cannot afford it anymore ,
We the USA tax payer's support the advance technology ,why we do not have access to it to a reasonable price??
Who controls the price ?? ,,,

Tue, 12/30/2014
Can you please help me on how to write citation from your document. Sun, 12/28/2014
I am looking to start a non profit within the next three years, but at the moment, I am currently working on a viral campaign to build our brand until we have the tools to start our work. Do you think this move is advisable or should the focus be exclusively on getting things ready for the start in the coming years?
  • Developing an Intervention
  • Increasing Participation and Membership
  • Implementing a Social Marketing Effort
  • Sustaining the Work or Initiative
Sat, 12/27/2014
Implementing a Social Marketing Effort Thu, 12/25/2014
How can I get a max credit hour waiver? There is a class that I am wanting to add to my schedule but it would exceed my term maximum.
Sat, 12/20/2014
why always do projects fail?
Wed, 12/17/2014
what does it mean the quote "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail" Tue, 12/16/2014
1. List the Basic Steps in planning and identify the type of action plan to be taken for employee turnover problems
Tue, 12/16/2014
Title: The GAP Analysis of Customer Satisfaction vs Service Quality in education industry.
How the research questions can be formed to reflect the current environment and modern ways of learning and exceeding customer expectations.
Tue, 12/16/2014
what is the relationship between objectives and planning? Building Leadership Mon, 12/15/2014
I'm a postdoctoral research fellow at City of Hope (a cancer center in Los Angeles) in the Center of Community Alliance for Research and Education (CCARE). We are planning a conference where we are going to invite members of the various community organizations, with whom we have a collaborative relationship, to present their work on our campus. We want to provide training for participating organizations to assist and guide them in developing their conference abstracts and their research posters. Our hope is that this can be the foundation for an ongoing collaboration regarding engagement in a dialogue about community-based research, as well as provide them with practical skills in developing research presentations (abstracts, posters, grants, manuscripts). Any advice on how to approach this or where we can obtain resources to teach to our community partners as they develop their abstracts and posters? Thank you!
Mon, 12/15/2014
Good morning,

I have a small group of members who are developing a newsletter to assess social problems in county in PUERTO RICO. We intend on utilizing your training method to learn how to assess a community. We all live in the United States and would like to know where to start?
Assessing Community Needs and Resources Thu, 12/11/2014
If you receive an imcomplete in a class - how long is this able to stay an incomplete without failing? For instance, is there a campus policy or is it up to the discretion of the instructor?

Thu, 12/11/2014
I have been brainstorming about a better way to sign attendees in and out of sessions that they need documentation of attendence (at the beginning and end) for CEU credits. Having several people at stations has been our best attempt but it is still cumbersome, time consuming, and we still seem to be missing some folks. We have considered a code word for attendees to write in at the beginning and a different word for at the end (e.g. apple, or a similar arbitrary word to use), but that would be easy to get from someone else at any time before the end of the conference. We don't have the funds to invest in an electronic system (barcodes or cards, etc). Any other suggestions? Thanks!
Wed, 12/10/2014
Do you have data on approximately how many back end hours I should budget per workshop hour? The curriculum is already developed and just needs to be modified for each workshop. Partners are helping us out with food & registration logistics, so we only have to worry about supplies, MOUs, partner communication, curriculum modification, and facilitation, etc. Thank you!
Thu, 12/04/2014
how would you start a peer education club at a school and how should a peer education club constitution be structured like together with the executive
Building Leadership Tue, 12/02/2014
hello !
I want to get some notes on "What are the types of Community Health support programs?" or "what are the varieties of community health support programs?"
Mon, 12/01/2014
We have a group of ladies and another group is trying to take us over.We have buy laws but they are making their our rules. What or who can we talk to work this out.thanks
Sustaining the Work or Initiative Mon, 12/01/2014
are all individuals or companies are obliged to prepare form 2307? Fri, 11/28/2014
Hi I would like to start an organization to empower HIV positive girls in my country through and would like advice on how to do it and also secure funding.
Wed, 11/26/2014
What would be the best audience for an individual who has attended 13 schools (k-12)? They went through issues in life as a result of not having an education. They eventually ended up getting an AS, BS, MA and are a year away from having a Doctorate.
Mon, 11/24/2014
This is a follow-up to the question previously from Isaac Jones.
The same individual who went to those 13 schools also has written a book. Who should his target audience be?

Mon, 11/24/2014
List five different situations which may crop up during a Business English training session. select any three from list and write to handle as a trainer the situation?
Sun, 11/23/2014
I am working on a community project for increasing awareness of lung cancer. My objectives are to increase awareness of lung cancer facts to encourage early intervention and to identify available resources in the community available to the poor and uninsured.

How would I assess the knowledge of lung cancer facts and available resources among citizens in a particular community?
Assessing Community Needs and Resources Sun, 11/23/2014
How can I promote peace and unity among youth in my community through programmed?
Sun, 11/23/2014
We are ready with the course plan for conducting two days workshop on Embedded Systems in an Engineering Institute. So could you please suggest the best Institute who can sponsor and provide the certification for the participants.?
Sun, 11/23/2014