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The Community Tool Box is celebrating its 20th anniversary by hosting an Out of the Box Prize to honor innovative and promising approaches to promoting community health and development happening in communities worldwide. The Grand Prize winner will receive $5,000 USD. We hope you will submit your own application and video, and share the contest information with others.



Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Groups engaged in building healthier and more just communities during the last three years can apply. This may include efforts to improve community health, education, urban or rural development; or to address poverty, the environment, or promote social justice. Applicants must be willing to have their group’s efforts shared via the Community Tool Box.

We are seeking to honor “out of the box”—innovative and high impact — approaches to bringing about change and improvement in communities. “Innovation” may include a unique or effective way of bringing about change, generating or using existing resources, or generating participation and advocacy for change. We seek clear descriptions of how applicants took action in the community; including Assessment, Planning, Taking Action, Evaluation, and Sustainability of the group’s efforts.


Awards and Selection Process

Grand Prize: $5,000 cash award (USD)

Second Prize: $3,000 cash award (USD)

Award Finalists: Applicant stories will be shared via the Community Tool Box. Judges will select approximately 10 Finalists, whose stories will be posted on the Tool Box home page. Site visitors will vote on the Finalists to receive the top two prizes.


Key Contest Dates

April 30, 2015: Deadline for submission of applications

August 1, 2015: Award Finalists posted on the homepage of the Community Tool Box; public voting begins

October 1, 2015: Public voting on Award Finalists closes

October 15, 2015: Grand Prize and Second Prize announced and awards given


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